HYDROGRAPHICS a.k.a. Water Transfer Printing is a process in which a film with color or a printed design is applied to a car part by dipping the part in a tank of water with chemicals mixed in. The process can be done on almost any hard surface, whether it be metal, plastic, or wood, and is as durable as an automotive paint job, once cured and sprayed with the clear coat.

Just some of the examples which HYDROGRAPHICS can be used for are:
  • rims 
  • game consoles / controllers 
  • laptop cases 
  • automotive interior trim  
  • automotive exterior trim 
  • engine compartment pieces 
  • fiberglassed parts (bezels, kick panels, pods, etc.) 
  • guns 
  • ATVs  
  • motorcycle parts 
  • marine  
  • helmets (motorcycle, football, baseball, softball, etc.)  
  • man cave (mini-fridge door, cabinet doors, toilet seat, etc...) 
  • camo for skulls, antlers, etc.
  • phone cases, laptop covers, iPad covers 
  • residential and commercial applications

Whether you need 1 or 2 pieces dipped, or if you are looking for quantity processing, such as mugs, frames, team helmets, etc., please give us a call! We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.